Saturday, January 1, 2011

Woes of Motherhood

I love being a mommy. I really do. I talk about it all day, everyday. My children are my life and I would have nothing without them. However, there are those days... Moms, you know what I am talking about. I decided to be brave and share some of my confessions with you. I want you to read this with a light heart. I am writing it from a place of love, humor, and a hint of sarcasm. If you question whether or not I truly love my motherhood role, you really don't know me. That being said... I continue :)

Callie slept in our bed last night and Craig went to work early. It's just me and the kids today. We were up late last night and I was hoping the kids would sleep until at least 7! Well, I won the sleep lotto and they didn't wake up until 9:30! I don't remember the last time I slept until 9:30! This day has to be perfect now, right? I spent the morning playing with Callie and Tanner, listening to her sing Taylor Swift songs, and him say "Dadadadadada" over and over. Thanks, rub it in. I put him down for a nap and figured that it would be a perfect time to finally take a shower. It was just past noon. Moms, you know showers can be VERY hard to come by, so I seized the opportunity. I thought about locking the door. I always think about locking the door. Maybe I could have 10 minutes of "Shower Peace" if I just lock the door. Eh, didn't happen. Not only did I not lock the door, I brought the baby monitor in (yes he's almost one and we still use it. He has a quiet cry people!) so I could hear if he woke up. Got through my shampoo, no problems. Rinsing, great, still no Callie. Then she came up. I hear "MOM! MOM!" thinking something happened. She comes in with an apple. Yes, an apple. She wants me to cut it. Right now.  So I got out and cut her apple and finished my shower. Just kidding. I hope you didn't really think that I would do that. I told her to go downstairs and I would be down in a minute! Duh! So she only came up about four more times while I showered as quickly possible.

Sometimes, I have an audience when I shower. No. Really. She refuses to just let me take a shower. Here's an example of what my showering conditions can be like at any given time.

Ms. Callie and her "class"
 She actually came in for a band-aid for Alice because baby Lilly bit her. She just decided to stay. Great.

So a shower is just one of the things we mothers sacrifice. Maybe I'll learn to lock the door one day... you are right... probably not.

How about those long car rides? We live about an hour and a half from our hometown. So we go for an almost two hour car ride every so often. Most of the time, the kids sleep and that's awesome. That is, until I have to go to the bathroom. I can hold it. I can hold it. I am NOT waking up and taking a baby (at the time) and Callie into a rest stop so I can go potty. How would it even work? Logistical nightmare. I can hold it. Try to think about something else. Turn up Celine Dion and just sing and enjoy yourself. I can hold it. I notice the diaper bag next to me and I have about an hour left until I get home. The thought of pulling over and peeing in a diaper did cross my mind. I'm not gonna lie. Did I do it? Heck no. That would be gross, but it did cross my mind. This is the kind of insanity that motherhood can drive you to. Don't even lie, you've been there.

Even writing this blog. I can't do it in peace unless I want to stay up late. Which, I don't. She's kicking me as I type.

And then three minutes later, Tanner is pulling on the laptop cords. Yup. And just for the record, I am not neglecting my children. Craig is sitting right beside me. Refer to my blog on the Male Brain for what I think about that.

Meal time? Forget about it. We sit down for dinner, and Ms. High Maintenance kicks in. I mean, really kicks in. "Mommy I need a napkin. Mommy wipe my hands. Mommy can I be done? Count with me Mommy, how many more bites?" And so on. Tanner's new favorite thing to do is beat on his tray on the highchair so hard that his food flies off. He thinks that's hilarious. I kind of do, too! Until I have to clean it up!

How can you get mad at this face??

Yes, I love motherhood. Like I said before, if you know me, you know it's the most important thing in my life. But it helps to make light of the more challenging times and I am so thankful for my children and my husband. There are a million upsides for every downside. I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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