Sunday, May 29, 2011

Her first concert...

Saturday was a very special day for Callie, Aunt Caity, and myself. It was Callie's first concert. Of course, it was no other than her idol, Taylor Swift...

The concert was in the evening, so naturally I thought Callie would be a little angel alllll day (because I would threaten to not take her to the concert, which both of us probably know would never happen!). And in exchange for great behavior, she would get to go. Well, let's just say my plan backfired. She was pretty good. I mean, in general, she's a good little girl. A little sassy at times (no idea where she picked that up!) but other than that I really can't complain! She was great until nap time. How can you ask an almost 4 year old to settle down when she is hours away from probably the most memorable moment of her little life so far??

After her nap, (and the hour it took to get her to lay there and be quiet!) we started getting ready. She was so proud to put on the Taylor Swift shirt that we made. Or, that her dad ever so perfectly ironed letters/photo on. She got to wear her pink tutu, we made a sign, and even went out to dinner before hand.

Yes, I am wearing cowboy-ish boots. Thanks, Caity.

Parking was pretty easy, really. We found a spot on the door ding prevention program (if you don't know what that is, it's a WHOLE other blog topic!) like requested by my husband, who had nightmares the previous night about the ginormous door dings we were going to get at the concert.

We found our seats, really great seats, actually, and listened to the opening acts. Both were great. Frankie Ballard was first. You should check him out on youtube. He did really well. We met him after his show and he took a picture with Callie. Honestly she had no idea who he was and didn't want to take the picture until we told her that he was best friends with Taylor Swift.

While we were waiting, we started 'activating' Callie's 55ish glow bracelets. That was fun. My fingers hurt. One cracked open and sprayed that oily junk all over me. And then Caity also cracked one and it squirted her in the eye. I thought she might go blind. Apparently I was wrong...

Then Needtobreathe took the stage. I knew some of their songs, not sure how... but I did. When I saw the band name I didn't recognize it. They also did good, but Callie was getting VERY anxious for Taylor to get on the stage.

And then, finally, Taylor took the stage. Callie's eyes lit up. I honestly think she was a little 'in shock' or had sensory overload. She didn't know where to look first. Honestly, I feel like I watched her more than I probably watched the concert itself. She was so excited. She brought her little microphone and she was singing along to every song. The couple behind us were amazed by how many songs she knew. (All except one). There was a point when Taylor walked right by us (within an arm's reach) and Callie was devastated that Taylor didn't give her a high five. Tears and all. She got over it, and then the show ended. It was a total meltdown. She just couldn't understand why she couldn't go behind the curtain with Taylor and say goodbye. It was probably 11 or so and she was exhausted. Needless to say, she passed out in the car within a short time.

She woke up today still very excited about last night. She's already asking to see Taylor Swift again. She said she wants to go again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. And to see that smile on her face and that light in her eyes, if I could, I would take her again, and again, and again, and again, and again...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She's growing up...

We are just months away from my baby's 4th Birthday. She reminded me yesterday, when she wanted to play scrabble, and I told her it was for big girls. She said, "Mommy, I am a four year old you know." Sorry hun, not yet, and I'm sort of dreading it, to be honest. I just wish that I could keep her little forever.

The other day we were watching a show where the kids moved out and went to college. She came up to me crying because she said she never wants to move away and go to college. She wants to stay close to mommy forever.....

She's starting 5 day preschool next year. It's only a few hours a day, but it's getting real to me that she will not be my little baby forever. She'll be starting school in couple of years, making new friends, and if she has listened to her dad, she'll be staying FAR away from boys :)

School for us means that I have to leave my comfort zone of Creative Beginnings Preschool. Callie has been there since she was a baby. (I worked there, she went to daycare there, and now I don't work there but she goes there for part time preschool). I know all of the teachers. They all know Callie. I feel like everyone looks out for each other there. It's a little family really. When she goes to big girl school, she'll ride the bus, she'll have new teachers that I don't know, make new friends that I don't know. At some point I know you have to let go and trust that everyone has your child's best interest at heart. And pray and pray that that's the case.

My hopes for Callie as she grows up are probably pretty much the same as every one's. I want her to respect herself, her teachers, and her friends. I want her to be nice, but still be able to stick up for herself. I want her to know that she can do anything she sets her mind to. This is not just a saying, I know she can. I want her to know that her mommy and daddy will always be here to love and guide her, no matter what choices she makes. I pray that she makes mostly good ones, scattered with some bad ones, so she learns that failure happens. I don't want her to grow up thinking the world owes her anything or that she will always be on top. I want her to know that I will love her through her biggest failure in life, whatever that may be. And I want her to learn that a failure is just a millisecond in her life. There are bigger, better moments and to hold on for those. I want her to know and love God. I want her faith to lead her through the best and worst of times. I want her to be passionate about life, know that she has the freedom to express herself. I want her to be thankful for the freedoms she has. I want her to be a giver, not a taker. I want her to stand up for what's right, even if she's standing alone....

Not asking much, right? :) But I know in my heart that it's up to me to instill these things in her heart, mind, and spirit. I pray everyday that I don't fail her...

She is so lucky to have this "village" of people who love her and protect her. And anyone who shows your child love, you should be so grateful to. And I am.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Baaaack... :)

So, "Mom Prom" is over, and to say it was a success is an understatement. We haven't gotten our final numbers in yet, but we are over $5,000 and pretty sure it will be near $5,500!! My goal was to raise $3,000. So you can imagine how excited I am! Next year, with an entire year to plan, I've already set my goal at $8,000!! I can do it with YOUR help!! And everyone I've talked to has said that it was one of the most fun nights of their life. OF THEIR LIFE!!!! And that, my friends, is what Mom Prom is all about. Having fun and helping people at the same time!!

Not to say the craziness is over! We have weddings, graduations, Callie's first dance recital, and a lot of other things going on the in the next few months. But I promise not to neglect my blog anymore :)

We went to my friend, Emily's wedding over the weekend. It was so much fun to see friends and old classmates, former teachers, and her family again. Callie had so much fun dancing and watching the princesses (anyone in a formal) dance the night away. My friend Jolene was even sweet enough to give Callie her bouquet of flowers. She then thought SHE was a princess!

The wedding, of course, made me think of my wedding. How much fun we had, how carefree we were (with no children yet), and how romantic and in love we were. Not to say we aren't in love anymore, we absolutely are, it just takes a different form now than it did then. It's romantic to me if Craig unloads the dishwasher unprompted now! Something I loved about our wedding is that we wrote our own vows. Do I remember all of what we said, no. But I remember pledging in front of God and our family and friends, that nothing will ever become more important than the love we have for one another. And that's the exact phrase. So that gives me something to think about. The kids have probably (okay absolutely) become more important than us "growing" our love and nurturing that seed. I know it's too late in the year for a New Year's Resolution, but that is something that I need to work on. Getting back to the romance, the consideration, and showing the love! We say "I love you" to each other multiple times per day, and we mean it, but we could set aside more "us" time. More dates, more cooking together, more general interest in each other's lives. It's a struggle to find that perfect balance, if one exists. We are going on 10 years of living together, and man, we've had a blast. Of course we've had ups and downs, but way more ups than downs. And at each wedding we go to this summer, it will be a reminder to make time for "us." And I hope that you take the time to nurture your relationship with the love of your life. There's no better way to spend your time!