Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wow, what a Christmas week! It has been pretty crazy in the Todd family the last week. We had Christmas Eve with my sister, Darci, and her husband, Marcus, and their son, Dreu. It was pretty relaxed and fun, we had Ranch Chicken and Potatoes. Very yummy.

Stockings, anyone? P.S. I didn't tell her to do this.
She came up with this one on her own....
Tanner was over it. Callie was showing off her "Rapunzel" hair extension.
Santa visited us Saturday morning. Callie finally got her Taylor Swift doll, and I can tell you now, a few days later, she plays that song nonstop! But, she loves it. Tanner didn't have a lot of interest in opening presents!

Why did I buy her any other presents??

Saturday morning we packed up and headed to South Sioux for our Christmas! We were planning on staying one night and being back in Omaha the next day. We find out just as we were leaving for Grammy's that Craig's grandma had passed away. The visitation was on Monday, the funeral Tuesday. So, we stayed the couple of extra days. We saw lots of family and friends that we hadn't seen for a while so that was really nice. Opening gifts in a room full of Todd's is... well... chaotic? Can't find the right word. If you are a Todd, or know a Todd, you know what I mean : )

We had Christmas at my mom's and then my dad's on Sunday afternoon. All and all we had a great time and it was an awesome Christmas for the kids!

After the funeral on Tuesday, later that night, we went out to eat with some family at Perkins. We had fun, and it turns out it was Kids Eat Free night so that was an added bonus!! We went to the hotel some family members were staying at to swim afterwards! Then... the scariest moment of my mommy life happened.

Callie was in the pool with her daddy. He was helping a young family member swim and Callie was waiting for him on the stairs. She was on the bottom step and getting excited because daddy was swimming towards her and it was her turn next! She started jumping a little and you know how water kind of carries you... well it carried her off of the stair and right into the pool where she couldn't reach the bottom. I was holding Tanner and sitting in a chair watching her when this happened. (Wearing heels, no less.) I jumped up and ran for the pool, and just as I was about to jump in, Tanner and all, Craig got to her. It really was so scary. I am thankful that we were both paying attention but it's an image I won't soon forget, if ever. Seeing her head under the water and her tiny arms trying to paddle. Ugh. I am glad it ended okay. And I was happy to get her out of the pool. My search for swimming lessons start TODAY.

We had kind of a roller coaster of a holiday.  We had 4 Christmases, one funeral, one near drowning, lots of cookies, lots of kisses, some stress, and lots of fun. Here's to hoping next Christmas is a little less eventful!