Thursday, December 2, 2010

When you grow up...

When you grow up, what do you want to be?

Hmm.. I can remember some answers I had when I was little. I wanted to be the President. I wanted to be the first woman President. Actually, me and my childhood friend, were going to take turns being President. I was going to be President for a year, and then she would take over for a year, then I would for a year, and so on. I have no idea how long we thought the Presidency lasted. We decided I would write the speeches, she would deliver them. We didn't talk much about anything else that we thought the President had to do, but we knew we could do it. I went through a period where I wanted to be a housekeeper, because I loved cleaning so much! Hahaha, that's funny. I thought at one point that maybe I should be lawyer, because I used to love arguing my point so much. I've mellowed out some since then. Maybe.

Today, what am I doing? I am a stay-at-home Mommy who has a small daycare in my home, and I can say that I love where I am. I love being able to spend time with my children. I love teaching them new things. I love that we have special friends who come and play with us all day. I love that my husband is so supportive of what I want to do. I am RIGHT where I want to be. What do I want to be when I grow up? Me. Simply put.

Having children in my home everyday really is a blessing. It's a rollercoaster sometimes, but fun. If you knew me when I was younger, you would think that I would never open my home to germs and boogers and vomit, right? Dirty diapers? No sweetie, not unless I am wearing rubber gloves. Now it doesn't bother me. Is it really bad that when I see Callie pick her nose, I secretly hope she DOES eat the booger so it's not on my furniture? Probably.  And if you just gagged in your mouth from reading that, don't worry, I was in your shoes once. But that's my point. Why do we have to decide "what" we want to be? And when do we have to decide by? Is there a "decide by date?"

Callie and her Papa
I actually ask my daughter frequently what she would like to be when she grows up. The answer I get the most? "A Princess!" She's also told me that when she gets older she wants to marry her Papa and wear a beautiful white dress. If she can find a man as good as her Papa, I hope she does marry him! I just asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up again, "Taylor Swift. Or like the girl who sings the only exception. (Paramore) And I will sing it. And my dad will be the drummer. And you will sing it with me. Not my Daddy. He's the drummer." Haha, oh Callie. Something tells me she could be an entertainer when she grows up!

Think about what you want to be when you grow up? I've always thought of it as a job. What career do I want to have. Now try thinking about who you want to be when you grow up? Is it the person you are today? Do you think you will want to be "that" in 5 or 10 years?

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