Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you ever feel a little CRAZY?

Okay, maybe a lot crazy. I do. Really, I'm not joking.

My daughter wants a Taylor Swift doll for Christmas. Not just any Taylor Swift doll, one that sings a song she likes. So, "You Belong With Me," "Our Song," or "Mine." We can only find "Teardrops On My Guitar" and "Love Story." My sister bought the "Love Story" one, just in case we can't find the others. They are out of stock everywhere. I always used to make fun of parents who went crazy over some silly toy for Christmas. That was BEFORE I had children, and BEFORE my daughter asks for it everyday. I am one of those crazy moms looking for this doll. Sending family members to look for this doll. I found it on Ebay but I am NOT willing to pay $40+ on it with shipping. It's 17.99 at Target if they ever get it in stock!

That's not even really a big reason why I feel crazy sometimes. Do other people make you think you are crazy?? My sister, Darci, is trying to convince me that I need to be medicated. I worry a lot. Every car trip, I think we are going to get in an accident, whenever we go to the mall I think about what I would do or where I would hide if someone had a gun, basically I have a fear of me and/or my kids/family ... I can't even say the "d" word. Let's say, going to heaven. On to a lighter note...

My son makes me feel like I am losing my mind sometimes. I KNOW I put him in bed with a pacifier, but it seems like the minute I leave the room, he's crying for one. And he does NOT sleep without it. I look around the bed, in between the bumper (yes, he has a bumper. and it's not even a breathable one, shame on me, move on) and the mattress. Nope. Today I decide to move the crib back b/c my stash of 10+ pacifiers is dwindling and they can't just disappear into thin air. Or can they?

Yup, 4 pacifiers.
 See, I knew I wasn't crazy!?

Well, he was screaming for a pacifier as I ran downstairs to grab the camera and then I just gave him one off the floor, so maybe I am? Or maybe I'm not going to get a "World's Greatest Mom" mug this year. Darn it. I could (and MIGHT!) do an entire blog based on why I lost out on "World's Greatest Mom" a looong time ago!

Don't worry, he was fine people!

Look at them! I feel like they have some secret I don't know about (here comes my paranoia). Like, they are working together to make me do/say insane things and then they laugh about it. It's like they are members of some secret club.

I guess it all depends on your definition of crazy. I don't think "normal" exists. I think that everyone's a little crazy sometimes. Recall my blog on Black Friday? Hello!? But that's what makes life so fun!

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