Sunday, January 30, 2011

When Mommy's not home...

I so, so wish that I could be a "fly on the wall" in my own home, when I am not home. Now that Callie's old enough to tell me what happened while I was gone, it makes me not want to leave! Not to mention the condition the house is in when I come home. It's like I have to re-clean the entire house if I am gone for more than an hour. The other night, while I was at a "Game Night" with some mommies, here are a few things I came home to. The pictures were taken the next day.

For me, this is a mess!

At least the kids are happy!

Note the sink full of dishes!

 So, I got busy cleaning. It didn't take that long, just annoying that it wasn't that messy when I left. In Craig's defense, it was kinda messy! But not this bad. Also, when I'm gone the "standard of care" goes from "The kids are happy and engaged" to, when Dad's home, "The kids are alive." Which is an exaggeration, but he does things he  KNOWS I wouldn't approve of. Case in point, scaring the bejesus out of Callie. If you haven't seen this video yet, you should. He told her they could watch a Taylor Swift video on the computer. She was so excited. Then he played this:

Here are the results...

Just cruel. Funny. But cruel indeed.

I can recall a few other times I got home to less than positive environments. One time I recall (although Craig recalls it differently) when I got home from working at Hy-Vee and Craig "forgot" to feed Callie. He claims he didn't eat, either (which somehow makes not feeding her supper okay?) and that since he didn't eat he forgot to feed her and she didn't ask. I think she was about 15 months at the time. I feel like I remember him telling me he ate. Either way, at least she was alive?

I also recall a time when I got home to Callie around a year old, with a lump the size of a golf ball on her forehead. I know these things happen, especially to a new walker. But it was just something I recall happening while I was gone. Not saying she never got hurt when I was home.

Callie icing her owie!

I hope it goes without saying, but this is all coming from a sarcastic point of view, a humorous one. I love Craig and I know he is an awesome daddy and my kids are soooo lucky to have him!

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  1. I went to a mom's party Saturday night.
    When I got home (at almost midnight), the boys were sneaking off into bed.
    They were so cranky this morning, while getting ready for church.
    The house is always a disaster, HUGE quantities of junk food (which I don't buy but DH does before a "video game party night") are gone, and it is overall madness...BUT I am grateful to have someone to watch them (even if one time I did get a call saying, "So, where is the insurance card, I think J needs stitches") and love them and all that jazz. ;)
    And I know you are grateful's just SO ANNOYING sometimes to deal with the aftermath...won't stop me from going out for much needed ME time, though, lol.