Saturday, February 5, 2011

Whew! Part 2!

I expected to do a blog all about my birthday and how great it was, and of course, the awesome cake that Callie, Craig, and Tanner would make for me. So, we'll start there :)

They did a great job, the cake was super delicious. I even had some for breakfast the next day (which was my actual Birthday!) We did the cake the night before this year. And what did Craig and the kids get me? Something I've wanted for a while now, a Flip HD video recorder. Are we still supposed to call them "video recorders" since there's not an actual VHS tape? I always get confused by that. Anyway, I love it, and have already used it a lot.

Right after we blew out the candles, Tanner vomited all over the place! It was not very appetizing. But, Callie really wanted to eat cake so after we cleaned up the mess, we ate some cake.

What was wrong with Tanner? Teething, I assumed. He is getting his two middle top teeth, thank goodness because he looked a little funny with teeth on the side but not in the middle. No big deal, I thought. He has no fever, no cough, no other symptoms. The next day, Wednesday (my bday!) he didn't vomit much, but towards the evening some diarrhea had set in. LOTS of it. I closed my in home daycare on Thursday because of the vomiting and diarrhea. The entire day, Tanner didn't wet a single diaper. He was wet when he woke up, but none after that. He became very sleepy and lethargic. When he cried, there were no tears, he had no drool, and I was starting to get worried. I decided to call the nurse line at my Dr.'s office. They directed me to take him to the hospital as soon as I could. We got to the hospital, waited for about an hour (the ER and Pediatric Express is on the same floor, and it was very busy that night.) We finally got in. The Dr. was very nice and did the "clinical" dehydration test and she thought he maybe slightly dehydrated, but nothing too serious. However, she wanted to do a blood test to check his PH balance and glucose level. We waited and about 15 minutes later she came back with a worried look on her face. She told us she had some bad news. That Tanner's balance is way off, his number was 13 and it should be 25 for a healthy child, and 18 for a sick child. She thought we were points away from respiratory problems and wait... there's more. His glucose level came back as a 3. Yup, a 3. Dangerously low. The Dr. told us it's a great thing we brought him in when we did, because he wouldn't have gotten better on his own, and we could have been in ICU or worse.

Glad that's over!

 She ordered the ER nurses to come do an IV right away, she didn't want to wait until we were admitted upstairs. Three nurses came in, and the one who was doing the IV said, "I've never done this on a baby before." And after she was done (she did a great job) she asked the Dr. to make sure she didn't hit an artery. Hmm okay, but yes, she did a great job. Within a half an hour his glucose went up to 26. We went upstairs got admitted and settled in for the night.

Finally settled in. Even got a little smile!

They did more blood tests the next day and everything was so much better. He was still very lethargic but was keeping down pedialyte. We were discharged Friday at about 5:00. It was so nice to be home. But it was such a scary experience.

Now we are home, Tanner's doing well, and Callie is feeling attention-deprived. Which she was. It was hard on her to be home and know that I was at the hospital with Tanner, and when we got home Tanner just wanted to be held. She's not really talking to me a lot today.

She's under there. Ignoring me.

But we will go have a girls night tonight, just her and I. I am looking forward to it. Callie said to me today, "Tanner always shares Daddy with me but he never shares you with me, Mommy. I want him to share you, I am sick of Daddy." lol Maybe my next blog will be about our girls night :)

I also want to thank everyone for the messages of encouragement, thoughts, and prayers. We have the best friends and family. Thanks to Marcus and Darci for taking Callie when we needed, and Caity for bringing lunch and offering to take Callie. And of course, Grammy also offered to take Callie for us. Honestly, thank you all so much!!

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