Monday, November 15, 2010

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season for shopping and hot chocolate (from Starbuck's if you want the best!) Check! Check! I did almost all of my shopping yesterday. It's a good feeling to be almost done. I never really know how much is "too much" for the kids; I really don't want to raise spoiled children, but I get so excited about buying them gifts! When I buy something, I can already see the look in Callie's eyes as she opens it. She gets so excited and just can't wait for me to get it out of the box so she can play with it. And all of us parents know, getting a toy out of the box is easier said than done. What's the point of 55 twisties securing a 1 pound Barbie to a cardboard box? I don't get it...

'Tis the season for baking! Haven't started that yet (come on, it's not even Thanksgiving!) But I can't wait to make goodies to take to my neighbors and friends. Callie loves to "bake" with me and we have so much fun. Can't wait for Tanner to be able to help next year! And then I hope I am teaching her to give by trotting around in the snow handing out plates to neighbors. And that we don't have to buy our neighbors fancy presents, we can make them, and it's the thought that counts.

'Tis the season for decorating. Also a favorite of mine and Callie's. Craig thinks it's a waste of money. I think he's a grinch. :)  We will TRY to wait to put up the tree until after Thanksgiving. TRY. But my sister put her tree up and now Callie is asking to put up ours. And truth be told, I can't wait!

'Tis the season for helping. Or so I thought. But I am not sure people know how to accept help anymore. For example, I was grocery shopping yesterday (while enjoying my huge hot chocolate from... you guessed it, Starbucks!) and a little girl fell and banged her head very hard on the grocery cart. She immediately started crying and I noticed a huge red mark on her poor little nose. She got really worked up and starting vomitting. I went up to the mother and I asked if I could go get an ice pack for the little girl. She looked at me like I was bothering her. Everyone else was just walking by staring. She said, "no she's getting sick we just need to go." I offered my help again, "well is there anything i can do to help you get to the check out or make her smile?" and I got "no I think we are just going to leave." I would have held this poor baby so her mom could get out, a little puke doesn't scare me. And I have encountered this type of thing before when I have tried to help people. I have just gotten, "No we're fine." And I have been in a situation a time or two with my children in a store where a helpful hand would have been... welll... helpful. Maybe it's annoying to people? Maybe the mother thinks I am judging when I try to help? I don't know. But if I am in the same situation, I hope someone would be there to help me!!

'Tis the season for family! (And free babysitters!) I am so thankful that I was able to get almost all of my shopping done with just me and my husband. Thanks to his sister Caity for babysitting. My sister Darci babysits for me a lot as well. And we babysit for them. And not just for the free babysitting, but for being a real part of my children's lives. My husband and I both aren't super duper close with our aunts and uncles. But I know that with most of the kids' they are forming an unbreakable bond. They are so involved in Callie and Tanner's lives. Almost on a daily basis. They come to Christmas programs, dance recitals (soon!), and Halloween, and all of the holidays. I know that these children can never fail. They have so many people around them helping them, loving them, guiding them. They are so incredibly lucky. And so are we, as their parents. I know if anything ever happened to us, my children would be loved no matter what. That's a great feeling!!

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  1. hey from momaha!
    i love to let people help, so don't stop offering :)
    sometimes it's just the time my then 2 year old flipped out of the grocery cart at walmart and was screaming his head off while my then 5 year old was putting cans of corn in my basket as i ignored him and tried to figure out if the 2 year old needed to go to the Er or just an ice pack...i sure wish someone who walked by and stared at us had asked to help...a frozen bag of corn would have been a nice gesture :D