Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dance, Dance!

Tonight was "Parents Watch" night at my 3 year old daughter's dance class. So we are getting ready, and I am getting Callie and her friend, Leah, ready for dance. They are about all dressed and I say, "Leah, you have your leotard?" She says yes. I say, "Callie, do you have your leotard?" and Leah says, "No, I have a LEAH-Tard, Callie has a Callie-tard." haha omg I almost died laughing. What a clever girl! So off we go to dance! I wasn't sure what to expect for Parents Watch night, since this is my first child and our first dance class. It was about what I expected, glad I brought my camera b/c everyone there had that and/or video recording! It was so much fun. We had a great time watching her and all of the little 3 year olds show off their moves!!

Isn't she just precious :) I know she is! She loved being in the spotlight and I can't wait for her first recital! After dance, we decided to go to Burger King to eat and so Callie could play. ::Don't judge me for letting her eat BK, she orders mac n cheese w/ apple fries and milk. Not the worst thing on the menu. And P.S. San Francisco, she doesn't even really know a toy comes with the meal. SO if everyone follows your lead and doesn't give a toy in an unhealthy happy meal, we won't be too sad about it :) We always give her the toy way later in the day, if we give it to her at all. The last thing I need is one more toy to store. Afterwards, of course we had to visit the playland!!! And by we I didn't mean Callie and Tanner.... take a guess...
My big kid husband, Craig. Is it sad that every time we go to one of these places, I fear us getting kicked out? There are serious "cons" about your husband acting like child, but there are also several benefits. Especially for our kids!! 
Listen, I know these places are gross and full of germs. But if I have to pump a few drops of hand sanitizer in her tiny little palms to see this huge smile on her face... bring on the germs!!!!!!!!

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