Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let it SNOW!

Maybe I am crazy. Some would say, "Maybe?" especially my husband. And probably my sister. Anyway, I love the snow and I am so happy to see my neighborhood covered in the white stuff! Callie, my three old, has already noticed that our first snow of the season is melting. She cries, "mommy, make it stop! I want the snow to stay! Is it going to come back?" "Yes, dear, it will be back!"

 There's something about Winter that I love. It's probably a combination of Christmas, family, baking (well, a form of it anyway), presents, shopping, Holiday music, Holiday movies (Elf, anyone?), and Santa! I love driving and seeing snowmen in front yards, Christmas lights, kids sledding down the hill in our backyard, and I have to admit, as mean as it is, it's kind of funny to watch cars get stuck on my street. Don't worry, our car is almost always, wait, always one of those. It's not the stuck cars so much as it is the people coming to help. I love to see strangers (neighbors, they shouldn't be strangers, but.... some of them are) helping one another. I see people come out of their garages with snow shovels. Multiple people. And then I holler to my husband, "Craig, someone needs help!" and he's not quite as happy to help sometimes, but I always talk him into it. We've been stuck. People helped. People come out and helped within minutes. I love that. I wish we were more like that year round. I love getting all bundled up, taking Callie out to play, sledding, and coming in and warming up on the couch after. I have so many great memories of snow on the farm I grew up on. Besides all of the times I drove off the road into the ditch. And I mean, some deep ditches. But I remember my dad tying a sled to the back of the truck (sounds dangerous but he was very careful) and pulling us around in the fields. It was so much fun. SO MUCH FUN!  We had a three-wheeler and we rode that around, with or without sleds. We would dig tunnels in the ditches, and my dad would push snow into a huge pile and that would be the BEST. A very huge pile. We'd slide down it, tackle each other, and play King of the Mountain. Ahh... the memories... :)

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