Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is gonna be a good life....

Have you heard this song? "This is gonna be a good life, a good, good life" I don't even know what it's really called or who sings it. But there's one line that runs through my head almost on a continuous loop. "Can someone tell me-ee-ee what there is to complain about?"

We all have "that" friend, either on facebook, or real life that is just emotionally draining. Who just is not a happy camper. Who just can not seem to count their blessings. Whose cup is almost always half empty. It's sad. And I wonder this about those people. What if something really bad happened to them? Could they handle it? Would they self destruct? Since the weather being too hot is the biggest problem in their life, how can they see the big picture?

Listen, I would not wish anything bad to happen to anyone. I wish we all lead happy, meaningful lives. I wish none of us had to worry about money, the weather, bad hair cuts, or loud neighbors. I really wish we had the perfect world. But since that is our of our control, all we can do is roll with it. But why not do it with a positive attitude? No matter how bad you think you have it, someone ALWAYS has it worse and would give anything to trade lives with someone else.

I am not saying that I never complain. I am sure I do it more than I realize. But I really try not to. Sometimes my kids drive me crazy, but I thank God that they are healthy. I know people who are fighting every day to save their babies' lives. So when Callie wants to sing yet another Taylor Swift song, or that Tanner wants me to read all five of his animal books so he can make the noises, I think about complaining, or not doing it because I am bored of it. Then I stop. I think about the families who would give anything in the world to read one more book to their baby or listen to them sing one more time. Life is way too short to spend it unhappy.

I know complaining will never stop. We will always have at least that one person in our lives who just can't be happy with what they have. And we can't really change them, but we can try to help them see the positive in their life. And I wish that even just for a minute, for one complaint, they stop and think.

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