Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Official...

I am the worst blogger. Ever.  It's been over a month since my last blog. I'll tell you why. This girl has been super busy! And since there's no end in sight to the madness, I'll just have to blog in the wee hours of the night... okay... maybe just after 9:00 pm but for me, that IS the wee hours of the night!

What have I been busy doing? Birthdays, Book Clubs, Bunco Nights, sick kids, playing outside while the weather is still 'play outside-able,' and cleaning. This fall has been busy! We've been to Vala's a few times this year and if you have never gone, you need to. No matter where we end up living some day, I will always bring the kids back to Vala's. It's really one of the most fun, family friendly places I've ever been to. I've been to a couple of craft fairs, which were really fun, and we have finally gotten Callie in swimming lessons. You'll remember her near drowning here. We thought it was absolutely time to get her comfortable with the water. She was never really too afraid of it, but I'd like her to know what to do if she ever finds herself in a similar situation as last year. I pray she never does.

Callie is going to preschool for a few hours a day now, five days a week. She loves to write, count, and rhyme. Her daddy has taught her how to "plus" things together and she really gets a kick out of showing off her skills. Tanner is adding more and more words to his vocabulary by the day and has mastered the art of the perfect temper tantrum. Definitely a "Mama's Boy" at this point, and loves to go bye bye. He loves when we read books and do all of the silly animal sounds.

My favorite time of year is upon us. I broke down and had my first Starbuck's hot chocolate of the year. I've started my Christmas shopping. I have started my mega list of what we need to get. I feel more organized this year than ever before. We'll see if it pays off :)

Like I always say, I am going to try to blog more, I promise. I will be shopping again on Black Friday this year. If you didn't catch all of my fun times last year, check it out here.  That always promises a great blog. As long as I have my brave photographer, Caity with me!!!

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