Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy's Day!

Father's Day is fast approaching, and I am looking forward to thanking all of the Dads I know.

Craig sleeping with a newborn baby Callie

Daddy and Callie after the Pumpkin Patch in '09

First, my wonderful husband. He is SUCH a great Daddy. The kids both light up when they hear the garage. The garage is very loud, and I complain about it all of the time, but honestly, if it were quiet I would miss out on those looks of true excitement. Even Tanner knows what the loud sound means. Daddy's home. That means PLAY TIME. Not that I don't play with the kids. Craig just has his own way of playing with the kids. The wild, crazy, loud way. The rough-housing, tossing the kids so high in the air that I fear they will hit the ceiling. The entire time, the kids laughing and smiling from ear to ear. I've thought about the "moment" that I realized that Craig was going to be an amazing dad, and the answer is always. It was his playful nature, his patience, and the fact that he is still a kid himself :) He plays cars with Tanner, reads books with him, and tries to teach him to walk. (Yes, my almost 18 month old son doesn't walk yet. Moving on....) With Callie he's tough when he needs to be, but her big brown eyes melt his heart. He paints her nails, sticks a bow in her crazy hair, and takes her for donuts on his days off. He dances, sings Taylor Swift, and plays princesses with her. He's such an awesome dad. And he learned all of that from his dad, who is also an awesome, involved dad and grandpa. There must be something about the Todd men and donuts, because every time Callie goes to Grammy and Grandpa's, Grandpa buys her donuts and chocolate milk. Every. Time. Is it a terribly unhealthy habit, yes. But the memories are more important.

I can't forget about my own dad. Technically my step-dad, who is not technically my step-dad anymore since the divorce. He's not your typical step-dad. In fact, it breaks my heart to even call him that because he's so much more than that to me. He's my dad in every way that matters. He's in my corner, at all times. He trusts my judgement, but offers his advice, only when I ask. I joke with others who know him that you have to be careful asking him a question. The answer will be at least 20 minutes long. He knows pretty much everyone in our little community, and everyone knows him. I've never met anyone who can HONESTLY say that they don't like or even love him. (Or they know not to say anything negative about my dad or I will punch them.) He's the 'good ole' country boy' type. Helps his neighbors, has a big heart, would take the shirt off of his back for you. He doesn't know what the words "tough love" mean. He's incapable of it....He picks up trash on the side of the road. He does not waste. He is thankful. He is thoughtful. He is respectful. So many times I have went to him worried, sad, confused, and I have never failed to leave the conversation feeling better. He sends me a card on my birthday. I look forward to it every year because it always has a thoughtful note on the inside. And it always brings me to tears. Every. Time. And what kind of gift could I give him that would be "big" enough to show my love. And without going into a ton of detail, he literally is the reason why I am who I am today. And if you know my dad, you would say that he wouldn't want a big, fancy gift. He recently got a small flat screen tv. He is not an 'electronics' guy. He hasn't figured out how to text, doesn't have the internet, and actually hasn't even set up voicemail on his phone. He's "heard of" facebook. Oh, and that flat screen tv, he carries it around from room to room in the house because "it's so light." He's so cute. And as "Papa" to his grandkids... don't even get me started. Who can compete with horse rides, tractor rides, four wheeler rides, bonfires, endless room to run, lilac bushes to pick, and Callie even got to see a dead mouse outside the last time we were there. She thinks Papa's house is the most magical place on Earth. So do I.

I know a lot of really great dads. All of Callie's Uncles are now celebrating Father's Day. They are all great Dads and really great Uncles.
Uncle Marcus has taught Callie "No kissing boys!!!"
Uncle Nate smothers my kids in kisses every time he sees them.
Uncle Tyler taught Callie how to pick her nose and flick the boogers.

So thank the Dads around you this Father's Day. Hug them tight and be thankful they left an imprint on your life.

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