Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring, Where are you?

I am soooo sick of winter. I usually don't get this way. I usually like winter, but still welcome Spring. I am over winter, so. over. it. I want to open up the windows, let some fresh air in, and most of all, have healthy children. We've had a lot of illnesses this winter. Or, I should say, Tanner has. Through everything, Callie has only had a double ear infection. I credit that to her going to a bigger daycare center for the first 3 years of her life, being exposed to germs, and now she has a stronger immune system. For Tanner, this is his real "first" winter. He was born last winter, I was on maternity leave, and we really didn't leave the house much. This year, we have a daycare in our house, so all of the germs come to us, wrapped up in a nice, snotty bow. Which is okay, it's part of childhood, it will only make him stronger. The daycare kids have pretty much all missed days here and there for various illnesses. It makes it hard to plan my week, I spend a lot of time sanitizing toys, washing hands, and wiping boogies.

I have started to daydream what Spring will be like....

Hopefully we will have a fence (FINALLY) in our backyard. I envision picnic lunches, a lot of bubble blowing, ball throwing, and summer saulting :) I can't wait for walks to the park. I can't wait to wipe maybe 3 noses a day, as opposed to 326 that I wipe now. (Followed by screams of utter terror because their poor little noses are so raw from all of the wiping!)

I look forward to soccer games going on in the soccer field behind our house. Callie likes to go watch. I don't mind it either!!

I heard a bird chirp on Tuesday. Craig said, and I am not lying and he was not kidding, "What was that noise?" I said, "what noise?" He said, "That NOISE!" It was a bird singing. Really. I thought he was joking but he just looked a little lost.

We bought Callie's Easter Dress! It's so cute. Craig doesn't like it, but I do. And of course, she wanted a hat. I let her get one, but I drew a line at the gloves. She threw herself on the ground over some ugly white gloves. It was a lot for me to approve the silly hat. Although, she looked adorable with it on, not gonna lie. We got outside and it was chilly, I said, "Jeez Cal, it's cold out here." And she said, "See, Mom, I told you we should have got the gloves!"

We've made it out to chalk the driveway, which was really fun. We've done bubbles, and played catch. We went a small walk. It was so nice.

I leave with a "sorry" because it's been so long in between my blogs. Like I said, I've been busy with the snot streams. I will leave you with some of my FAVORITE Spring/Summer pictures... please do your Spring dance. Thanks :)

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