Friday, April 1, 2011

Under Construction!!

We are embarking on our first "home construction/improvement" project, and so far, so good. We bunked up at my sister's house on Saturday night so the contractor, Adam, could work on the house. We are knocking out the banisters and putting up walls. I am in love with the new look already, and it's not even all painted yet.

Some of the reasons I am loving the change...

**It's more safe. We already had one rail break and I was so scared that another one would, and the kids would fall through or get hurt.

**It gives more definition to each space, without completely closing it off.

**It gives me an excuse to decorate and make some changes!!

**Most importantly, it ends the game of throwing toys between the banisters to hear them crash on the floor 4 feet below!! Today the little boys could NOT figure out what happened and continued to throw toys at the wall, trying to make them fall. Sorry boys!!!! Kind of entertaining to watch, too, by the way.

Our construction guy/contractor... handy man? What are we supposed to call them? Anyway, he is great. I highly recommend him. He works fast but not so fast it's a mess, he's so considerate, and he just wants to help and make your life easier. His name is Adam, and let me know if you want his name for your next home improvement project. So, now he just has to come back and put the wood caps on, paint, and put up the hand rails. I will be thankful when it's over, because there's been a thin layer of dust on every surface of our house. Of course, my son is allergic to dust so I've been hard at work.

I am going shopping tonight for fun pillows for the couch, we need a new accent chair, an end table, artwork, and a lamp. We'll see what deals I score, because I am a bargain shopper!! I am tapping into my more creative side and getting inspired by some of the design blogs I've been reading. My next project? A PVC pipe mirror. Yes, I said PVC pipe. My new friend, Jessica and I plan to make one for each of our houses. I will post a picture when I get it finished!!

I've heard lots of stories of home construction gone wrong, and I have to say I feel very thankful to have had very little to no problems so far. But like most people undergoing contruction, I am ready for it to be done :)

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